Power to the Python

Now Pythons are brilliant and Pythons are brave;
They're intelligent, sexy and bright,
And as everyone knows, Pythons don't have to shave
Although they've been dancing all night.

And a Python has never been known to refuse
A meal to a down-and-out friend.
When in need of an ally, it's best if you choose
A Python, who's true to the end.

So out-arguing Einstein, and Plato as well
Is what a young Python does best,
When not cordon-bleu cooking or casting a spell.
A Python does not wear a vest.
A Python for Parliament? She'll get my vote:
I'm sure that the time is quite ripe.
It's not true that the Python who's wrapped round my throat
Is making me write all this tripe.

Poetry copyright © Peter Howard.

Illustration copyright © Andrea McKenzie.

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