Midwinter Fair - a Hypertext Poem

This poem starts off on the theme of a medieval fair, but has links to other poems causing the theme to diverge in a slightly surreal way.

The idea of a hypertext poem was suggested to me [in the nineties] by Lloyd Alan Fletcher. I think he was joking, but some good ideas come out of jokes. I hope this is one of them.

Each section of the poem has links to other sections, or to other poems. You can read the sections and poems in whatever way takes your fancy. Some of the sections are easy to reach, others are more challenging. Enjoy exploring.

[As of 1999] I haven't come across any other examples of poetry that use hypertext links in this way. Maybe I'll start a trend.

In theory, this poem doesn't belong to just one person, and isn't located at a single site. Hence this poem is not complete, but there's enough of it in place to make exploring it interesting, I think. Who knows what the future will bring?


Some of this content may be unsuitable for children.

Onwards to the Fair

Midwinter Fair

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