A Response to Some Objucations

A verbal tikolobomassophile,
I watched the stellar coruscation while
My lucubration was amphigory
And, noctivagant through my dictionary,
Somnambulistic, oneiric, I roved:
Composed at length, a pierian ode.
This lexical palaestra then I sought.
Though my altiloquence was merely sport,
I feared anfractuosity would run
More torpidly in its noetic sun.
But while my mixolydian caprice,
Paronomastic maggot, a showpiece
Sesquipedalian and orotund,
Was no more than a game, an iracund
Perplexity of critics took the bait
Which wriggled on the line, vermiculate.
And now, silurid chiromachs, they fret
In their batrachomyomachic pet.
The urtication of exanimate
Bucephalus they urge, and perpertrate
Psittaceous repetition, tardigrade
Synchesis. Minds sequacious and afraid
Compose their platitudes and stridulate
Exiguous eclosions, ennarate
Their exoteric evanescent verse
Which solecisms maculate, and worse.
Acarpous anorectic fremitus:
The writings of the ambisinistrous.
Where is the chrysostomatic paean
Which pierces luculent empyrean
With fulgent, reboant amphiclexis
To reach its plangent anagnoresis:
A temerarious clinquant estellation?
The sisyphean mussitation,
Audaculous in mediocrity
Is choking with its swirling paucity
The aureate syllables, apical
In canorous, anabatic lines which call
And fade.
My readers can expect from me
No oleaginous apology
Or tergiversate specious lustration
So wake up, nictitator, I have done.

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