Dancing for the Final Time

The chain unwinds
From its reel
Like a snake
And we strip
Like warriors
Are bowed down
At the start
Falling in love
When you're buying
A house
And trying to gain
A certain respect
Even if it is for
The second (last) time
Is not recommended
For head or for heart.

War paint is revealed
We squirm to the sound
The temptress's heels
Click over the ground
Our bodies will shine
With evocative sweat
Will you ever be mine?
Well maybe, but not yet!

Black stockings above
A tempting foretaste
Might I kiss you my love
Make speed but not haste.

Hush, hush
The thrush
Has built
(No guilt)
His nest
The best
You ever
Were clever
Or tough
To spy
But did you ever really try?

Take the needle
From the disc
Smile, embarrassed
Nobody minds
For long at least
Gift of the gods...

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